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Ryan Coogler

Owner / Head Coach

• CrossFit L-2, L-1 Coaching Certification

• Level Two USA Weightlifting Club Coach

Ryan and his wife Amy have a young daughter, Annabelle.  He competes in USA Weightlifting meets, even securing a qualifying total as a Masters Athlete for Howard Cohen American Masters Championship.  He has also completed various marathons and ultra-marathons.  Dating back to his time in college he has coached athletics since 2001.

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Here you can expect every type of Fitness workout!  This means high intensity interval training, functional circuits, conditioning, barbell strength, and dedicated mobility time.  You might think that’s a lot to get to in one-hour, and you’re right!  That’s why it’s Cross Training, we mix in different workout elements with each class so that you can expect something new every time!

Engine Builder

These are 30-minute conditioning classes, where we will row, bike, ski-erg, or run.  And the goal for each class can range from Endurance, Anaerobic Capacity, Speed, or Sustain Intervals.  These help you improve your cardio ‘engine’.

Skills Workshop

Do you ever wish you had some extra time to work on something, with a Professional Coach to guide you?  We offer times to do exactly that!  Maybe you want to get that first pull-up, handstand, or become more efficient at running, these are all great examples of what we can do to help.

X-Tra Lifting

Here you will find time to work out before class to get an extra strength work in you’d like to do.  We have athletes that want to do more powerlifting and weightlifting, and this is the that extra time.  But unlike any regular open gym, coaches will still be on sight to make recommendations.


Everyone needs time to focus on their body, and one area that becomes a greater challenge as we age is our range of motion.  Yin-Yoga is the solution.  It gives you one-hour of poses to stretch out those limiting parts of our body. Our Yoga Coach has over 15 years of experience and will work with you one-on-one during the group class to feel a deeper stretch!

Melissa Sue Wells

"I look forward to yoga every Saturday morning because it’s the end of my workout for the week. I get to stretch my sore places and breathe. Breathing and relaxing. Letting the week go.”


"When I found out there was a yoga class included with our gym memberships, I thought "I will never be caught dead in a yoga class." I thought yoga was for influencers, not for people who can't even touch their toes. With the encouragement of a friend I began going and soon learned that this kind of yoga is for everyone! And now I'm happy to report that for the first time in my life I can actually touch my toes!”

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